She began her creative career in 2001 as an Actress of the Theatre, where she mastered acting, stage speech and plasticity, played in many performances, fairy tales, participated in performances at city holidays and was the host of concert programs.

Later, she studied at two universities in Moscow with a degree in «Theatre Director & Acting Teacher».

She teaches acting, stage speech, stage movement and plasticity in Acting Studios. Creates theatrical and video performances with deep meaning.

 Since 2010, she has created a series of artistic works in the experimental genres «Graphics of Images», «Abstract Expressionism» and «Symbolism». She was also interested in and trained in the field of photography.

Participated in many Exhibitions of paintings and photographs. She organized personal Exhibitions of paintings, installations, art-objects, using various methods and genres of Visual-Performative Art, including «Augmented Reality» (AR) technology.

Since 2019, she began working in cinematography and shot her Debut Short Film, which has been traveling to International Film Festivals since 2022. The Film received many awards and prizes for winning in the nominations «Best Short Film», «Best Debut Short Film», «Best Drama», and the Director, Anastasia Kalinovskaya, received the title of «Best Director», «Best Director Debut».

Since 2023, she has been a member of the «Eurasian Creative Guild» (ECG London, UK) and participates in various Festivals and creative events of the Guild.


The main styles of work:

"Graphic of Imagery" - is a world perception, these are feelings splashed out of ink on paper instantly, with one stroke, with one gesture. To complete the Image, an emphasis is added, highlighting the main Idea.. (for details, see the "GRAPHIC OF IMAGERY" section)

“Abstract Expression” - is a splash of emotions, feelings, joys and pains that flow onto the canvas in smooth, sharp lines, strokes and splash, forming something Single. (for details, see “ABSTRACT EXPRESSION”)

“Abstract SYMBOLISM” - is the Images that fill our whole life, regardless of the Time frame. Works in this style are performed in a mixed technique. (for details, see the section "ABSTRACT SYMBOLISM")

The idea of ​​these three abstract genres is that it is necessary to remember the most important thing: each of us is part of this World, we are part of a single organism.. And if everyone creates good, not only for himself but also around himself, then our The world will change. We are able to “cure” our Planet, our Humanity as a whole, if we only breathe in unison, if we create more than destroy..

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