At the age of 17, I began to master acting, stage speech and plastic art in a theater studio near Moscow.

I played in many performances, fairy tales, participated in performances at city festivals and was leading concert programs in Moscow and Moscow region.
(for more details, see the subsection "THEATER")


I entered the "State Academy of Slavic Culture" for the specialty “Actor. Theater director. Teacher".


A few years later I opened my drama studio for children of senior school age. I taught acting skills, stage speech, voice and breathing, as well as stage movement and plastic. Together with the studio I put on several theatrical performances. (for details, see the subsection “STUDENT YEARS. PRACTICE”)

Later, I entered the “Moscow State University of Culture and Arts” for the specialty “Theater director”.


Since 2010, I began to work actively in the field of contemporary art. I was fascinated by the creation of experimental ink paintings in the style of "Graphics with one gesture", where I painted with closed eyes and one gesture, followed by the addition of details for drawing images. This style has been called "Graphic of Imagery".

Later, I continued to experiment in the genre of Abstract Expressionism and Abstract Symbolism.

In parallel, I experimented in the field of photography. Since 2010, I have made several series of photographs. I studied at courses in a Moscow studio and took part in photo exhibitions. (for more, see the "PHOTOWORKS" section)

Since 2012, I participated in several joint exhibitions of paintings in Moscow. (for more details see the "EXHIBITIONS" subsection)

Later, I organized a large solo exhibition and, within the framework of that exhibition with the actors of the drama studio, I staged a small Performance. (for more details, see the subsection "PROJECTS")

After some time, I organized a large solo exhibition. It included an exposition of most of my paintings in all genres: Graphics of Images, Abstract expressionism, Abstract symbolism.

Also, I prepared an art object involving the viewer (more about it in the subsection "ART-OBJECTS"); demonstrated an art-video where Im made her debut as a screenwriter and video director (more details in the subsection "ART-PORTFOLIO"); and the main "highlight" of this exhibition was the presentation of my new art-project - augmented reality "ArtBreath", which encompasses the visualization of pictures with the help of a specially designed mobile application. (details in the "ArtBreath" section)


The main styles of work:

"Graphic of Imagery" - is a world perception, these are feelings splashed out of ink on paper instantly, with one stroke, with one gesture. To complete the Image, an emphasis is added, highlighting the main Idea.. (for details, see the "GRAPHIC OF IMAGERY" section)

“Abstract Expression” - is a splash of emotions, feelings, joys and pains that flow onto the canvas in smooth, sharp lines, strokes and splash, forming something Single. (for details, see “ABSTRACT EXPRESSION”)

“Abstract SYMBOLISM” - is the Images that fill our whole life, regardless of the Time frame. Works in this style are performed in a mixed technique. (for details, see the section "ABSTRACT SYMBOLISM")

The idea of ​​these three abstract genres is that it is necessary to remember the most important thing: each of us is part of this World, we are part of a single organism.. And if everyone creates good, not only for himself but also around himself, then our The world will change. We are able to “cure” our Planet, our Humanity as a whole, if we only breathe in unison, if we create more than destroy..

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